Apple Valley Minnesota CB Radio Tapes 1976-83

Not only did I spend a lot of time talking on the CB radio as a kid, I also spent a lot of time (and money) tape recording the antics of myself and others who happened to be on the channel.  Whereas most normal people would have erased and/or discarded these cassettes years ago, I kept all of mine.  I have at least 100 hours of CB conversations and probably more.

The “Kids’ Channel” in the southern suburbs of Minneapolis/St. Paul was Channel 14.  This is where we hung out most of the time.  Occasionally, a channel jammer or agitator would force us onto another frequency.  Sometimes, *I* was the channel jammer/agitator in question.  Many times, CB Channel 14 was complete chaos!  But for the most part, it was good clean fun.  It kept us home, instead of being out and getting into real trouble, as many other teenagers did.

From Drew’s Basement CB Archives, here are some real gems.  If you think these tapes are the greatest thing you’ve ever heard, keep checking back.  I’ll be adding more on this page as time allows.  If you think these are crass, crude, and a complete waste of bandwidth, you’re in agreement with at least 95% of the civilized world!

Exhibit #1 – Drew vs Lissa. Lissa was a girl who liked me.  But since I was a big 9th grader and she was only in 7th, I had no time for her.  I also had this bad habit of harassing her on the CB.  Especially when she was trying to talk to her boyfriend Brian, which was the case on this particular day in February, 1979.

I was using a Sears RoadTalker 40 AM/SSB base with a HyGain 5/8 wave CLR 2 at 64 feet above ground.  Since I had a more powerful base station than Lissa did, I had no problem getting in between the young couple.  This made the poor girl very angry, as you will hear. 

Lissa, if you’re listening to this 31 years later, I’m sorry.  Kids do stupid things sometimes!


Exhibit #2 – The Dog Record.  This is a great example of how CB agitators tend to multiply.  Someone had either the record or tape of “Jingle Bells” by the Singing Dogs.  They decided it would be a good idea to play this over the CB radio.  So of course, another CB’er hears this, decides to record it, and then he plays it.  Others do the same in a daisy-chain procession.  Those who aren’t recording are trying to jam the ones who are playing music, as you will hear.  Result?  Pure anarchy!  This was back when the FCC still required CB licenses and attempted to enforce the rules.  Playing music was a big no-no!  I’m surprised none of us ever got caught because of our antics.  I was only 14 years old at the time, so I would have just claimed ignorance. This aired in April, 1980.

By this time, I no longer had my Sears RoadTalker 40 SSB.  The reason was because I attempted one too many “power mods” and the radio went *poof!*  So, I was back on my original radio which I always kept for a standby: a 23 channel Midland 13-882C mobile on a power supply.  I also lost the HyGain CLR2, due to a windstorm the previous summer.  (I was doing great, wasn’t I?)  I replaced the CLR2 with an Antenna Specialists Starduster M400 at the same height (added 10 feet of masting to offset the Starduster’s center feed and mounting point.)  Performance was about the same locally.  The Starduster was definitely a better skip-talking antenna, though!

Doesn’t this make you want to go out, find, and strangle the guy who keeps playing that %$#@!! DOG RECORD??!!


Exhibit #3 – FROGGY!  This guy was the original CB Rambo in the south Twin Cities metropolitan area.  He would show up on Channel 14 suddenly and unpredictably.  As soon as he did, the frequency would immediately descend into chaos.  Using a healthy dose of profanities (the worst of which have been edited out of these clips), he was the Don Rickles of the CB radio: an equal opportunity insulter and antagonist. 

The most famous Froggyisms were “take a dive!”, “ya little puny turd!”, “stoolface!”, and “ya dumb little bastard!”  At one time, more than 60 CB’ers were out attempting to triangulate and locate this rebel without a cause.  Over a 2 year period, there were countless attempts to find him and learn his identity.  No one ever did.  32 years later, I still have no idea who Froggy was.  It was the ultimate unsolved mystery of CB Channel 14 in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Though Froggy’s identity was never learned, it was a pretty good guess he was either an electronics engineer or technician of some sort.  His signal was always strong and his audio was extremely clean.  He claimed to run 1,000 watts in his car.  Doesn’t sound like much by today’s standards, but this was a HUGE amount of power in 1977.  This would explain why nobody could find him despite having an S9+ meter reading on his signal.  Very likely, Froggy was transmitting from a remote location and the hunters weren’t even close.  His technical expertise would explain why the audio was so clean at such a high wattage.  Also, it was assumed he altered his voice electronically to create the “frog in the throat” effect.  There were times when he would transmit for an hour or two.  If he tried to do the “Froggy voice” manually, his throat would be sore after several minutes.  The voice was always consistent.  Finally, the guy knows his equipment, as you will hear in these recordings.  I’ve always guessed that Froggy was either an engineer for one of the local radio/TV stations or a commercial radio technician.  Messing around on the CB with big power was what he did in his spare time.  Of course, the world will never know for sure.

The following 3 audio clips were recorded on Friday, November 25, 1977 from my residence in Apple Valley, MN.  At that time, my base station consisted of a 40 channel AM Midland 77-882 mobile radio, Micronta 2.5 amp power supply, and a HyGain Super Penetrator 500 omnidirectional base antenna which reached 66 feet above ground level.  Mounted on 20′ of masting atop our 2 story house, that Penetrator was my pride and joy!

Froggy vs Goldilocks, Minnesota Gopher, El Lobo, and Cave Bear:  Froggy_Nov_25_1977_1

Froggy vs Minnesota Gopher:  Froggy_Nov_25_1977_2

Froggy vs KW Kid:  Froggy_Nov_25_1977_3

Exhibit #4: More CB “tough talk” with Scorpion vs Rob. This is your typical CB argument: two teenage guys fighting over a girl. The first one makes threats, the second says “come on over and do it!” I didn’t know these guys personally. They were from Bloomington (about 10 miles north of me) and hung out on Channel 11. I just happened to be scanning the channels, caught the argument, and turned on my recorder. By this time, I had become sophisticated enough to patch the CB audio directly into my stereo system and use TDK tape instead of the cheap “bag” cassettes. There’s nothing better than a CB argument in high fidelity! This aired during the summer of 1983:


Exhibit #5 – KADF-6895 Rhinestone Cowboy and KAUX-9819 Gumball – Here I am, playing to the tape recorder. My CB buddy Gumball is recording on this day, so I can hear what I sound like over the air. “Everybody be quiet for 5 seconds, I wish to enjoy my power. Starting now!” From August, 1977:


Exhibit #6 – Mark vs _______’s Lawn! – This guy didn’t have a handle, he just went by “Mark.” He lived near Burnsville Parkway (then Burnsville Crosstown) and I-35W. Drove a gold 1972 Buick Skylark 350. On this day, however, he was piloting his dad’s 1971 Buick Electra 455. Mark decides to test the horsepower and torque of his father’s car by doing a LAWN DEED, broadcast live on CB Channel 14! For those not familiar with these nasty pranks, a lawn deed is when you purposely drive your car over someone’s lawn, spinning the tires in order to cause maximum damage to the grass. I won’t divulge the lucky recipient of this lawn deed. Has the statute of limitations expired yet? From the spring of 1981:


Exhibit #7 – KABZ-1645 Scooter Rabbit vs Unidentified Enemy – In September, 1976, Scooter Rabbit had one of the stronger base stations in Apple Valley. He lived on the hill, near the old water tower. Scooter was 17 at the time, so he usually operated on Channel 14. Occasionally, however, he would go down to Channel 4 which was “the adults’ channel.” Several Lakeville CB’ers in their 30s and 40s frequented Channel 4. Whenever Scooter Rabbit showed up there, an argument immediately ensued.


Exhibit #8 – KLW-6032 Half Breed & Her Friends – Half Breed lived in Prior Lake. Because of the distance between us, I couldn’t hear her very well. But I liked her, so I always tried to pick her out of the noise and engage her in conversation. Also heard here are fellow Prior Lake CB’ers Mud Puppy and Little Bugger. Along with KAIS-2978 Cockroach from Apple Valley and KZA-0039 Goldilocks in Lakeville. A typical day on the CB in December, 1977:


Exhibit #9 – KAUX-9819 Gumball, KWE-9270 Cannonball, KAJB-5272 Space Trucker, and KGU-3859 Minnesota Gopher. August, 1977.


Exhibit #10 – KAUX-9819 Gumball, KABI-2511 Disco Kid, KWE-9270 Cannonball, KWE-9270 Little Fry, KAJB-5272 Space Trucker, and KADF-6895 Rhinestone Cowboy. August, 1977.


Exhibit #11 – Dave’s Phone Prank – Another guy with no handle was “Dave” from West Bloomington. Here, he’s attempting a crank phone call on live CB radio. But he has a bit of a problem getting everything to work properly between the telephone and his base station microphone. This aired in the summer of 1982:


Exhibit #12 – KKH-5848 Cotton Picker, KAUX-9819 Crispy Critter, and Sugar Cookie. August, 1977.


Exhibit #13 – KABY-3339 KW Kid, KADF-6895 Rhinestone Cowboy, and Minnesota Sweetheart. KW Kid loved to play his guitar over the CB radio. Since he wasn’t able to afford a locking desk microphone, he custom-designed a wine bottle by cutting off the top. This allowed him to place the CB hand mic in the bottle and keep it keyed while he played. It actually worked very well, as you will hear in this clip from June, 1978:


Exhibit #14 – A second clip from June 28, 1978. Here, we are joined by KLW-4092 Winchester and an unidentified young kid who keeps dropping perverted comments into the conversation!


Exhibit #15 – KZA-0039 Goldilocks and KAHO-1877 Grey Fox vs FESTER! – Froggy (see above) had a “cousin!” At first, we thought it was the same antagonist. Then, we listened carefully and realized the voice was slightly different. We called him ‘Fester.’ An imitator, but a good one. This aired in January, 1978:


Exhibit #16 – Black Max Plays His Jaw Harp – Black Max aka “Bob in Bloomington” was a pretty proficient jaw harp player. He played it often on CB Channel 14, along with his electronic organ. In this clip from the summer of 1982, he performs “You are a Randy”, a cyborg-like slam against one of his CB enemies:


Exhibit #17 – KABA-6010 Kid Flash and KADF-6895 Rhinestone Cowboy meet “Jesus” – This is my earliest and first CB tape. I recorded it in September, 1976, just a few weeks after getting my first CB radio. As my friend Kid Flash signs off, an unidentified guy who calls himself “Jesus” appears. I was 12 and as you can hear, this was recorded before my voice changed!


27 thoughts on “Apple Valley Minnesota CB Radio Tapes 1976-83

  1. kw

    hey rhinestone theres white castles in your yard get your butt off that radio and out of bed and go find them first hint in 5 mins

  2. kw

    walk walk walk walk lol

  3. Drew Post author

    I was wondering when YOU would find this site! LOL!

    By the way, for the rest of my readers, this “kw” is indeed the “KW” in the “Froggy vs KW” sound clip that’s featured here. 32+ years later, he’s still as ornery as ever!

  4. kw

    by the way i still have a 2510 with a 667 and a few others and the super pen 500 laying around thinking about hooking it back up airwaves should be clear now days just threw the old 23 channel sears road talker away lol

  5. Drew Post author

    If it’s in good shape, that Super Penetrator 500 is worth money. I’ve seen complete antennas with no bent elements (including the top hat radials, beta match, etc.) go for $400 on eBay.

  6. kw

    yes its all there was thinking of putting it up and seeing if some tubes still glow lol wonder how many around here dont have cable or tvs that the amps never turn off lol theres a ringo just down the street from me i think its the old bronco 2 if you know who that was o and i have the old frankinstein back abd the old d104 no clue were the wine mic went lol

  7. Russell

    I first got on the CB in 1978, talking from the mobile in my first car. I used to talk to a 14-year-old girl from Bloomington, who’s CB Handle was “Lemon Drop.” I also used to talk to another girl out in Crystal, who went by the Handle of Teeny-Bopper. In 1979, I got my base station which I still have and talk on occasionally. It is a Realistic Navaho 458. We used to run Channel 8. My Handle was N.E. Panther. Also in 1978, I started cruising Hopkins, MN. Everyone down there had CB’s in their cars. It was a great way to meet people. I compiled a list of CB Handles of all the Hopkins Cruisers, from 1976 to 1986. I still have it. I also have a video from 1982 cruising Hopkins with the CB on in the dead of winter. Too bad it wasn’t during the summer, more people would be on then. Well that’s all I have to say for now, fur-sure, fur-sure. This is the one and only N.E. Panther, goin’ 10-7 for the night–We gone…..Bye!

  8. Drew Post author

    I also cruised Hopkins and knew a few of the Channel 8 crowd. I was in Apple Valley, but ran a Hy-Gain Super Penetrator 500 at about 65 feet above the ground. So, I could be heard in the western suburbs. The mobiles from there didn’t make it to my location, of course. But I could hear the stronger bases: “Tonka Teddy Bear” (Kathy Iserman) was one whom I talked to quite a bit. Also, Brian Balogh in Wayzata. Occasionally, I’d drive up there to cruise with them and hang out at Perkins afterwards. I drove a 1972 Mercury Comet. Baby blue, white top, factory tires and wheelcovers, etc. Looked like Grandma’s car. Except that mine had a transplanted Mustang 302 under the hood. THAT was a fun car! WAY too much acceleration for a 16-year-old kid to have!

    I also knew Pam Nicklas (“Bluebird”) and her twin sister Polly from St. Paul. Went to many concerts with them and parties at their parents’ huge house afterwards. Walking distance to the Civic Center and their parents were often out-of-town. Fun times!

  9. Radiofan10

    wow Lissa was VERY pissed!!!! And you were laughing!!!! You have a very mean attitude like me 🙂
    I wonder what Lissa would do if she heard this.

  10. Drew Post author

    I’m guessing that at some point, either Lissa or someone who knows her will stumble upon my site and find this gem of a recording from 30+ years ago. Then, I will undoubtedly hear about it! LOL!

  11. Mustang

    Drew, You’ve really outdone yourself! Loved the ‘Froggy’ stuff! Oh, the (juvenile) memories!

  12. Intercepter

    Listening to froggy now, I think I know who that was. And he was a ham then. So yeah, even back then the hams had a bit of fun harassing the corn banders. Or they also called them Chicken Boxes.

  13. bob

    hey drew… classic stuff. brings back memories of sitting in the valley west parking lot with kevin that guy was crazy! i remember we got chased out of the lot by some other guys. i don’t know what the deal was. i think kevin thought there was a party or something. one thing led to another and these guys wanted to fight us. it was a whole group. kevin had his “boat”, smarted off to the clown, and tore out of there. these guys got in their truck and took off after us. kevin was flooring it up france ave to evade these guys. i think we were doing 90+ mph and still accelerating. i was turned in my seat looking out the back watching the pickup thinking “oh shit! oh shit!”. in typical kevin fashion, he says “watch this”. he slams the brakes at 102nd and france. i had my bike in his trunk and it wasn’t tied down (he picked me up from work). when he hit the brakes the trunk flew upwards. now i can’t see the truck. i thought for sure they were going to nail us. heard brakes squeal and the pursuers flew by. i remember some kids standing in the back of the pickup yelling at us at they drove past us. kevin did a quick j-turn and went down 102nd. we got away. good times! anyways, found my old mobile. turned it on for first time in 25 years. nothing but static. not even sure that it works. my external SWR meter don’t move. let’s here more tapes.

  14. Dave (Bloomington)

    Nicely done Drew. Len, Bob, and I spent countless hours and years bantering with you and the rest of the Twin City area and this is what remains of my antics? Some feeble attempt to make a crank phone call? Loved those days and I still have my Cobra 142GTL and powermic in a box here. I’ve been off the air since someone successfully pinned my antenna in bloomington and I became more interested in direct human interaction. LOL

    Take care and I hope you find more gems.

  15. paul [ Bloomington]

    classic from froggy i remember– is im just trembling in the boots red neck-just trembling in the boots. that is so classic.

  16. paul (bloomington)

    I listened to the recordings and yes thats the froggy I remember lol. what a classic and I cant believe I found this.I remember that voice very well lol. and a few others on those tapes. I wish I could find mine I had some classics on mine and may have had froggy on some of them. I can still here him saying— I’m just trembling in the boots red neck- I’m just trembling in the boots. lol thats so classic. if you find any tapes on caveman abba or cattails post them up I will shure get a laugh especially if I here myself in there. kbh9361 the bobcat standing by–lol.

  17. Dirty Diaper 21

    Saw a post on, and this link. Lots of memories from that era. I lived in Ga, and SC then. Check out DX for CBers from your area if you care to. Check out dirtydiaper21 on You Tube for the “Videogates”. Lots of other great operators on there as well, like 445 Radioman. Later——

  18. Drew Post author

    Thanks for the post! I’ve watched several of the videogates on YouTube. Motormouth Maul has some good ones also. My favorites are of the world famous Prime Minista a.k.a. Sir Mix-a-Lot!

  19. Neil

    Too bad I wasn’t in your area, but I enjoyed those early days too. I was a CB radio technician in Morris, Ill back in the 70’s . That old Midland 13-882C you were talking about was one of my favorites and I still use one today. If we crossed paths during those days I would have set you up with all 40 channels plus uppers and lowers with that radio. They’re cheap, easy to modify and very dependable. Much better receive than any of the compacts produced today and they’re loud when tuned properly.

  20. Drew Post author

    I knew these radios were special because they could operate on several frequencies beyond the 23 that were authorized for CB at the time. My 13-882C could access “22A” (27.235Mhz which later became Channel 24), as could several other 23-channel radios. But it could also get “22B” (27.265, Channel 26) and “22C” (27.275, Channel 27.) The only other 23 channel model I ever came across which could transmit on these channels without modification was the Kraco CB Super Deluxe. I believe these two units shared the same PLL.

    But the REALLY amazing thing about these radios was their ability to access the RC channels! Slide the channel selector carefully between 3/4, 7/8, 11/12, 15/16, and 19/ 20 to access 5 “private” channels. Again, out of the box without any tinkering. I’m amazed the FCC type accepted this radio and allowed Midland to sell it.

  21. Anonymous

    I to this day have my fathers cb radio it is packaged up in a box and it was soo much fun running his Craig and it had the uppers and lowers!! And on a cold northern manitoba winter with the northern lights you could hear the skip roll in.. So much fun on those boring winter night! Northern manitoba teddy bear.

  22. desmoface

    I love this stuff – reminds me of my childhood…Post more!

  23. Drew Post author

    I have at least 100 additional hours of CB tapes that I recorded and saved between 1976-83. Got my first radio in ’76 when I was 12, moved out to Colorado in ’83 when I was 19. It’s just a matter of finding the time to go through the tapes, transfer them to digital, and post them on the site. Hopefully, I’ll have time to do some more later this year.

  24. paul

    I can’t believe motor mouth maul’ the west coast beast is still on the air,I hear him when the skip rolls in all the way up here in Minnesota!

  25. Drew Post author

    Motor Mouth Maul is a legend! The finest quality audio you will EVER hear from a CB radio!

  26. Kenny Graham

    Who does cb radio repair in St Paul, Mn?

  27. Drew Post author

    Not sure, Kenny. “Back in the day”, there were several CB techs in the Twin Cities metro. Dick at Communications Center in Brooklyn Park was one of the most popular. What’s the problem? If it’s something simple, you may be able to fix it yourself.

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