1970s & 1980s Base and Mobile CB Radios

NOTICE: The radios formerly featured on this page have moved to a new location on the site. Additional makes and models will be added as time permits. We are building a virtual vintage CB radio museum! You can find classic CB radios of the 1970s and 1980s at: http://radiogeekheaven.com/category/cb-radio/

6 thoughts on “1970s & 1980s Base and Mobile CB Radios

  1. Dwight Clark

    I’ve seen most of these radios, and, I even have most of them as a collection as well. But I’ve got even more radios that I that nobody has ever seen, and/or even has.

    When I can ger them outta storage(mean’n my closet as to where I have them, I’ll take various pix og them, and, if anybody might wanna buy them as is, I’ll be entertaining offers on each one of them whether they work or not. Note:
    I do have several of the same kind(Cobra 148GTL), and I’m keeping them, coz, I can have’em repaired/channels/toys added to them, etc.), and, some i’ll let go for a decent price,
    and the price must include the shipping charges as well.

    If anybody wants to get in touch w/me, I’m usually on the cb live website, if I can ever gon on there there, that is.

    If I’m ever on there, just ask for adam-12 in texas, ok? Hopefully, I’m there, to tlk to ppl.

    73’s…1-adam-12, clear

  2. Mark k

    Tram Model D201A ‘s were 40 CHANNEL SSB crystal base units with a manual VFO built in slider on TX & RX.
    The Tram D201 versions were 23 channel only also with its internal VFO slider! Both Priced in 70s approx. $750.00

  3. Drew Post author

    Hi Mark,

    You’re right: the D201 was the 23 and the D201A was the 40 channel version. I’ll fix that. Thanks!

  4. Tyler

    I have a General Electric 3-5800a. Very easy to use but i need a replacement microphone! Does anyone knows where i could find an original or unoriginal replacement that works for this radio? I tried to use my Uniden pc33x’s mic but the radio makes a crazy noize when i plug the mic into the radio.

  5. Drew Post author

    That’s because the wiring is incorrect. The plug fits many different brands of radio, but each has a different wiring sequence.

  6. Jess

    The mighty Roadtalker! This radio, with a starduster located halfway up a long grade of a hill in Lower Providence was a force in the Norristown to King of Prussia area for a few years. Very clear, low static radio. Now if I could only get the wiring schematic for these to be hooked up to D104s…lol

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