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How many of you were into CB Radio back in the 1970s? It was a lot more than Smokey Bears and convoys, good buddy! For me, it was the primary facilitator of my social life from the time I was 12 until age 16.

The unit above was my first CB: a Midland 13-882C mobile which I ran in the house off of an old car battery. The radio alone cost $139.99 + tax. This was a lot of money for a kid who’s sole income came from mowing lawns and raking leaves. I worked all summer and saved my money. By the end of August, 1976, I was on the air! 10-4, good buddy!

Channel 14 was the “Kids Channel.”  Many of us had home base stations in our bedrooms. This usually meant having to install a big antenna on the roof and drilling holes to run coaxial cable through the walls. My parents put up with this because “at least we knew you were at home and not out getting into trouble”, as they revealed to me many years later.

What my parents didn’t realize is that I could cause trouble on the CB, too! For one thing, I liked to play music and practice being a radio DJ. Needless to say, people didn’t appreciate this when they were trying to talk to someone else. I’d keep agitating until one day, I’d turn on my CB and hear nothing but static. Nobody could hear me, either. It seems someone had come over in the middle of the night and cut my coax.  As in the cable that connected the CB in my room to the antenna on my roof.  Gee, why would they do this to a nice boy like me?


Check out all the Classic Base and Mobile CB Radios of the 1970s & 1980s:

Then, go back in time and remember all these Classic CB Base Station Antennas from the 1970s & 1980s:

Finally, have some laughs while listening to actual CB Radio Tapes from the 1970s & 1980s:

8 thoughts on “CB Radio

  1. vicki

    where are the rest of the composites?! 😕

  2. Drew Post author

    More “CB tapes” will be added in the days to come! 🙂

  3. John Rolwing

    I still have a CB in-dash Cobra in my Lincoln Town Car (newer model) Handle is Mr Clean…I bet I am the only one left in a car in-dash w/retractable antenna…hand helds are available, but I like mine at the ready on the highway. I had to have this custom installed…I use it often. !0-4

  4. John Rolwing

    Yes, Mr Clean since 1978…I still have a now- unrequired CB license KTV-3201,issued 1977..

  5. rick cook

    still waiting on c.b. tapes from the past,was on radio in1976 in bloomington,handle BEARCAT,had friends that know you,handle T-BIRD and a girl,first name april,cant remember her handle.

  6. Drew Post author

    Hi Rick,

    Which channel did you run? I knew some of the Bloomington, MN folks who hung out on Channel 11: Todd Stahl and his girlfriend Lisa, Becky Gossler, etc. Not sure of their handles. Todd lived on the corner of 93rd & Portland. Ran a Hy-Gain Super Penetrator 500, mounted 10′ off the roof on a tripod. I had him at S-9 + a few db in Apple Valley. Becky had a Radio Shack 1/2 wave ground plane, mounted 5′ off the roof on top of their TV antenna.

    T-Bird (John) was another strong station. He had a Radio Shack .64 Wave, 20′ mast, and a 10′ roof tower. Plus a very loud power mike. Astatic D104 Silver Eagle, I think (?) Lived over by 108th & Upton. April’s handle was “Stardust.” She lived near me in Palomino Hills. She started out in 1979 with a Radio Shack 1/4 wave ground plane, mounted on top of the TV antenna. In the fall of 1980, I sold her a nice Hy-Gain CLR 2 5/8 wave and installed/tuned it for her. That allowed her to be heard pretty well across Bloomington. Not sure whatever happened to it. Might still be on their old house (?)

  7. Da Big Boys on DA BOWL

    What about Channel 6 – 27.025 Mhz AM. Otherwise known as THE SUPERBOWL OF CB RADIO! You gotta have some serious fire in your wire to run on 6 ’cause there AIN’T NO EXCUSES ON DA BOWL! Let’s hear some Watergates of Prime Minista (aka Sir Mix Alot), Mr. Juice on the West Side, Ice Cream Man, Pepper, Witch Doctor, Motormouth Maul and DA BIG BOYS ON DA BOWL!

  8. Spencer Sholly

    My active CB days in late 70’s to mid 80’s when I was stationed at Ft Huachuca in SE Arizona. The locals used mostly 23 in Sierra Vista. There were some other channels in use as well in neighboring towns.

    There was a pretty good group of folks there at that time. There was even a roll call on Friday (?) evenings when Yankee Lady would take check ins.

    Anyway, those were the days.
    KJI4263 the PA Polecat passing those platinum numbers to ya and I’m 10-7.

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