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Cobra 29 23 Channel AM Mobile CB Radio

Back in the pre-40 channel days, Dynascan’s Cobra 29 was quite possibly the best AM mobile CB radio you could buy. This radio was extremely well made. Audio was very strong, courtesy of Cobra’s exclusive DynaMike.

The Cobra 29 was a very nice looking radio with plenty of knobs, bells & whistles. Power/volume, DynaMike, squelch, RF gain, delta tune, automatic noise limiter, noise blanker, and CB/PA controls were provided on the Cobra 29’s front panel. Lights for transmit and modulation were also included. On the rear panel, the standard connections for 12 volt DC power, SO239 antenna connector, external speaker, and PA speaker. A 5 pin microphone connector is mounted on the left side of the radio. The Cobra 29 was a strong performer and a great seller in it’s day.

Cobra 85 23 Channel AM Base CB Radio

The Cobra 85 was Dynascan’s entry-level 23 channel base station. This is a very simple CB radio with only 3 controls: power/volume, squelch, and channel selector. It features a large S/RF meter and standard 4 pin Cobra microphone connector. Though simple, the Cobra 85 was also a good performer, priced right at $150-160 in the mid-1970s.

Cobra CAM 89 23 Channel AM Base CB Radio

This is the Dynascan Cobra CAM 89 base station. It looks like a Cobra 139, but doesn’t have SSB (single sideband.) Basically, it’s a Cobra 29 with the addition of a built-in power supply. That’s not a bad thing since the 29 was a great performer. When 40 channel CB radios became legal in 1977, the CAM 89 was upgraded from 23 to 40 channels and became the Cobra 89XLR.

Cobra 135 23 Channel AM/SSB Base CB Radio

The mighty Cobra 135! This deluxe base station was top of the Dynascan line in 1975 with a price to match ($400-450.) Features AM/SSB, digital clock and alarm, plus everything else that was available on a CB radio in the mid-1970s. Strangely enough, when 40 channel radios were introduced on January 1, 1977, there was no direct replacement for the Cobra 135. The new top banana was the Cobra 139XLR, an update of the 23 channel 139.

Cobra 138 23 Channel AM/SSB Mobile CB Radio


This Cobra 138 is the upscale cousin of Dynascan’s most excellent Cobra 29. These two CB radios are very similar with one important difference: the 138 adds upper and lower sideband capabilities. Appearance and performance are both excellent. This was one of the “Classic Cobras” that made this brand so successful back in the 1970s.