XEG-AM 1050 Monterrey Nuevo Leon Mexico ID 1982

XEG 1050 AM was one of the notorious “Border Blaster” stations.  Though based in Mexico, they broadcast in English, targeting an audience in the United States.  Since they were outside the jurisdiction of the FCC, XEG could (and did) run 100,000 watts of power.  This in comparison to the 50,000 watt maximum that was imposed on U.S. stations.

As with most Border Blasters, XEG played a little bit of everything.  Basically, if an advertiser would pay for it, they would run it.  In this short aircheck, you’ll hear them identify with the Oldies Radio Network, play an ID sweeper as “The Golden Gospel Giant”, then introduce their “Ask the Doctor” program.  Now THAT’S variety radio!

I received this from Apple Valley, Minnesota, using a Pioneer SX-3900 with horizontal longwire antenna.  The original recording was made on a Technics stereo cassette deck using a Scotch Dynarange tape. 

PS: The other station heard underneath XEG (playing “I’ve Seen all Good People” by Yes) is Toronto’s legendary Top 40 CHUM.  Normally, I would have been able to get a decent signal from CHUM since I was in their secondary nighttime lobe.  But with 100kW, XEG stomped all over them!


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  1. John Rolwing

    I am more interested in the early owner(s) of XEG, the call letters were of course XE (Mexico) and the G stood for William GARRETT (spelling not sure), who in the 1950’s owned KATZ, and later KXEN in St Louis MO.USA I am interested in his bio, but he died in the mid 80’s…any info would be appreciated. Thank You or Gracias as the case may be.

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