WYOO-AM 980 Minneapolis MN Michael O’Shea 1973

How many of you remember this one? It’s the “Twin Cities Goin’ Home” singing jingle, used by Michael O’Shea. Michael did afternoons on WYOO-AM during it’s incarnation as an Oldies station. I don’t have an exact date on this. But judging from other audio that was captured on the same cassette, I’d guess it to be early 1973.

This was recorded onto one of those cheap Audio Magnetics “bag cassettes” and the audio quality isn’t great. The oxides have been partially worn off which is common for an inexpensive cassette that’s 41 years old. Very few tapes of this jingle have survived over the years, so I wanted to make it available here. Equipment used was a Spartan-Atlantic portable cassette recorder with built-in AM radio. Pretty high-tech stuff for an 8-year-old!


3 thoughts on “WYOO-AM 980 Minneapolis MN Michael O’Shea 1973

  1. Big O

    You should consider purchasing a cheap audio cleaning program like Magix. You would be amazed at how much better you could make some of these questionable audio cuts sound.

  2. Drew Post author

    Thanks. I’ll look into that. But I wonder how much any software could “help” a cut like this one. It was a poor quality recording to start with, combined with 37 years of tape deteoriation. Not much to work with there.

  3. Dedicated servers

    They liked the sound of that and “U100” was born, only later realizing the coincidence of the “WYOO” call letters and the new branding of “U100”.

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