WWKA-FM 92.3 Orlando Florida June Myers 1991

Another short ID clip, this time from Orlando’s K92FM.  The jock on duty is June Myers. June worked at WWKA for 9 years, beginning in 1985. She did fulltime overnights from 1986-92.

This was recorded from my residence, 6 miles south of Ocala.  Equipment used was a Realistic AM/FM/CD/cassette portable boombox and a medium-sized outdoor TV antenna.  I cut the VHF-LO elements down to resonance on FM frequencies for slightly better reception.


2 thoughts on “WWKA-FM 92.3 Orlando Florida June Myers 1991

  1. Ellis Feaster

    Hew Drew! I haven’t talked to you in about 10 years. The jock on the air check is Denise Michaels. I worked at K92 for almost 10 years. Hope all is well!

  2. Drew Post author

    Hi Ellis,

    Turns out, this voice belongs to June Myers. She came across this page and sent me an e-mail: “Hey, that’s ME on the tape!” 🙂

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