WPBC-AM Minneapolis MN Station Composite 1972

WPBC was the station my father listened to.  Near 10 or 100 on your radio dial, it was on in our house and in our cars.  I remember riding around with him on Saturday afternoons in his new Ford Maverick, listening to the Metropolitan Opera broadcasts on that great Philco Ford AM radio.  My dad was not a “radio person” by any means.  But when  WPBC left the air in November, 1972, it was a BIG deal to him!

This tape was made less than 2 months before WPBC was sold to Fairchild and became (Oldies) WYOO.  I was only 8 years old when I made this recording, so the caliber of my equipment leaves much to be desired.  It was obtained using an Atlantic “shoebox” portable cassette recorder with built-in AM radio.  Source tape was an inexpensive Audio Magnetics C-60 “bag” cassette.  I’m amazed the tape has held up this well after 42 years.

Recordings of WPBC are relatively rare.  Not everyone had a tape recorder back in those days.  Even if they did, how many people record and then save tape of a radio station for more than 4 decades?  But here’s a sample of WPBC during their final weeks, playing the prettier popular music for easier listening on 980 AM. You’ll hear 2 of WPBC’s announcers, plus owners Bill and Becky Ann Stewart who voice the commercial for Schiller’s Bavarian Style Supermarket in Shoreview. Also included are spots for Perkins Cake and Steak House and one for Merit Chevrolet “on St. Paul’s east side” which was produced over at WCCO.


10 thoughts on “WPBC-AM Minneapolis MN Station Composite 1972

  1. TC

    I bet your dad was shocked to tune into WPBC turned WYOO, and heard Elvis and his ilk instead of the “prettier popular music” he was used to hearing there. Did he move on to WAYL or KEEY as a substitute?

  2. Drew

    Dad didn’t have an FM radio at the time, so he migrated to WCCO for a few years. Then, he discovered the wonders of FM stereo and “The Beautiful WAYL.”

    Of course, this meant I got to experience his shock and dismay all over again in 1988 when WAYL became KLXK and started playing “that AWFUL hollerin’ and screamin’ crap!”

  3. CT

    I thought he would have had the option to migrate to KEEY. Weren’t they on 1400 AM by the time WPBC went kaput? And WAYL, I thought they initially flipped from beautiful music to more of a traditional oldies format (still identifying as WAYL-FM) before transitioning to KLXK. I seem to remember hearing oldies on that signal (songs that “classic hits” stations normally didn’t touch) for a brief period before it evolved into classic hits, and changing to the KLXK calls.

  4. Drew

    KEEY became one of dad’s substitutes for WPBC (the other was WCCO.) They were on both 1400AM and 102.1FM, running similar but separate formats. Problem was, we were in Apple Valley, so KEEY-AM’s signal was only marginal during the day. At night, it disappeared into the noise floor, since 1400 is a Class IV “graveyard” channel.

    As for WAYL, I had moved away by that time. I thought Entercom abruptly flipped it from Beautiful Music to Classic Hits as KLXK, but maybe not (?) Anyone know for sure?


  5. Tom Barrister

    I can remember the WPBC identification jingle from the early 1960’s:

    “W-P-B-C, dial carefully, W-P-B-C, dial carefully.
    You’ll be happier, healthier when
    You leave your dial at a hundred or ten,
    Always, Every day, P….B…..C, W-P-B-C, W-P-B-Ceeeeeee.”

  6. Drew Post author

    Hi Tom,

    I don’t go back quite that far. But as I mentioned, my dad listened to them religiously in the early 1970s. “Near 10 or 100 on your radio dial.”

    BTW, I expanded the audio exhibit. Originally, WordPress limited my uploads to 2MB, so I had to keep everything to less than 2 minutes and 9 seconds @ 128K. The new version gives me 8MB, so I went back and took the entire clip with no edits, just as it was recorded onto the cassette. There’s not much WPBC stuff out there, so I wanted to make everything I have available.

  7. Max Reiner

    I recall WPBC quite well. At one time there was a Becky’s Cafeteria across from what was a beautiful life insurance company and now the new and ugly Walker. Indeed, twas named after Becky Stewart of WPBC. Heavy-set ladies dished out your food choices in the caf line. Becky would sometimes play the organ live. I applied for a job at WPBC when I first came to town in 1963. Bill Stewart later got Parkinson’s Disease. I visited their Eagan xmtr site when it was WAYL. Very old RCA board and huge RCA turntable. Huge “Bob Hope” RCA 44 mic. Recall WPBC’s jingle that went something like: “WPBC, dial carefully. WPBC, dial carefully. You’ll be healthier, happier, if you tune your dial near hundred or ten. All day, every day. WPBC!” And Bill Stewart’s “Scrapbook Time.” He would sing over a very scratchy production disc song, “Now it’s Scrapbook Time. Glad you came our way…”

  8. Judy Ptasienski

    Well, I remember their jingle from the 1950’s:
    The people’s broadcasting company
    It’s 980 on your dial
    It’s the station with a smile
    In Minneapolis and St. Paul

  9. Drew Post author

    Hi Judy,

    I don’t go back that far, but I do remember “Near 10 or 100 on your radio dial. Richfield. Suburban Twin Cities. WPBC plays more of the prettier, popular music for easier listening.”

  10. Russell

    I remember listening to WPBC as a kid over at my grandma’s house in SE Minneapolis. I loved that station because they’d play all the songs I called in to request right away. One of them was Candy Man, by Sammie Davis, Jr. I also remember them playing a lot of Everly Brothers, Tommy Edwards, and Travis and Bob. There was also a local business that advertised heavily on the radio station: United Furniture Showrooms, located on Stinson Blvd and East Hennepin, I believe. My dad would drive right by it on the way home from grandma’s! Good memories….

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