WOCA-AM 1370 Ocala FL Fred Petty Rush Limbaugh 1991

Fred Petty was Program Director at WOCA and sister station WMFQ “Q-Lite 92.9”, back in my Ocala radio days.  We ran Rush Limbaugh live from Noon-3 and the adjacency spot didn’t always time out correctly.  So, Fred recorded an intro using Rush’s opening theme music (“My City Was Gone” by the Pretenders.)  We’d then mix this with the actual opening intro that was provided by the network.  As you will hear, the beats didn’t always match up perfectly.  Close enough, though.  Only us radio geeks noticed this.  The listeners didn’t.

By the way, I wish I had more of Fred Petty to share with you.  He was a great talent, not only on WOCA/WMFQ, but also on Ocala’s “Key Radio” (WWKE-AM 1370) during the 1970s and early 80s.  You may have heard his voiceovers for “The Villages” which air on cable TV systems across the country.  Unfortunately, this is the only aircheck I have of Fred. 

I received this from my residence just south of Ocala using a Realistic AM/FM/CD/cassette portable stereo.  The built-in AM antenna provided plenty of signal.  Source tape is a Sony HF90 cassette.


6 thoughts on “WOCA-AM 1370 Ocala FL Fred Petty Rush Limbaugh 1991

  1. Fred McMellon

    I remeber those days so well. My wife worked at WWKE which was a sister station to WKEE in Huntington, WVa. Where Bob Hauck the station owner, my wife and I were originally from. All coinsidence though.
    Fred’s wife and my wife were pregnant at the same time and we became very close and dear friends through the 80’s and 90’s. What a great guy and DJ.

  2. Fred Petty

    Holy Cow! I stumbled upon this site and was so floored. Drew – thanks so much for the nice words. Are you still in radio? I’m sure if given the chance and with the new digital editing software, I could do a better job on that Rush opening intro! I still get down to Ocala and walk past the Cascades studio-the memories!
    Fred Mc: How are you Brother! I guess you’re living in WV now? I moved (for work) to South Carolina – got remarried and doing OK for an old fart. Hope we can catch up. I miss the old days for sure but time marches on.

  3. Vince Tripoli

    Hello Fred P.
    We worked together at WWKE, many moons ago. I’m now in Nashville .. but since most of my family are in (or moving to Florida), I may have to break down and go back. Glad to hear you’re doing well.

  4. Drew Post author

    Fred Petty is out here somewhere. He visits this website occasionally. I received an e-mail from him last year, surprised at finding his voice on a 20-year-old WOCA station promo!

  5. Mark Tillery

    WOW, what a great site!!! I remember the first time I heard Fred on the air playing Top 40 hits on Key Radio, I thought “This guy is major market talent”. I met with Fred shortly after and was hired to work weekends on Key in the late ’70s. I later worked at sister WMFQ and again at WOCA. I know Fred Petty quite well although he may not remember me. Fred is a great guy along with Bill Early, Fred Mullen and a host of excellent talent that came out of that small Cascades studio.

    I’m a media broker now (www.jmtillery.com) and sold WOCA (WWKE) in 2010 to Generations Broadcasting Corporation. The station has since moved from the Cascades and has relocated to the Paddock Mall, adding an FM translator on 96.3 FM. The format is still news-talk but has added more local content. Rush and ABC News have been replaced with Glenn Beck and Fox News although both can be heard in Ocala on WSKY-FM 97.3.

    Great site and GREAT memories!!!

    Mark Tillery

  6. Dedicated servers

    Here are two photos of the Cascades Office Complex which is the present location for WOCA, having moved there in 1977 as WWKE.

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