WMMZ-FM 93.7 Ocala Florida Chuck Britton 1991

Growing up in Minneapolis, I listened to Chuck Britton on KDWB during the late 1970s.  A few years later, when I was on the air myself as a “baby DJ” in Garden City, Kansas, I listened to him at night on WLS.  After that, I lost track of Chuck.  Imagine my surprise when, 6 years later, I turned on my radio in Ocala, Florida and heard Britton doing mornings on local CHR outlet Z93!

This aircheck is short.  Chuck only does 2 breaks, which is all I have of him on WMMZ.  But it also includes a station promo, featuring most of the other “Z” jocks.  For some reason, Jon Byrd aka “The Byrdman” is missing from the composite promo.  Not sure why. 

Reception was made from my residence, 7 miles south of Ocala.  Equipment used was a Realistic AM/FM/CD/cassette portable unit with built-in rod antenna.  Since WMMZ was 100,000 watts ERP from a 1,350 foot tower, not much of an antenna was needed to hear them.  A Sony LN 90 cassette was used to make the recording.


3 thoughts on “WMMZ-FM 93.7 Ocala Florida Chuck Britton 1991

  1. James Greek

    the weather bed they used was also used as the weather bed for Z100 in Charlotte in the 80s.

  2. Drew

    Hi James,

    Several stations used this bed. There’s an aircheck here of KOKZ/105.7 in Waterloo, IA, using it during the summer of 1988.


  3. Virtual Private Server

    Big Daddy Miles Foland, a long time broadcast legend in Cincinnati, had retired to Ocala years earlier and was the afternoon air talent on WTMC-AM 1290.

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