WKRC-AM 550 Cincinnati OH Overnights 1983

“55KRC” was another one of those heritage AM Top 40s which survived well into the 1980s. Great jocks, great presentation, and great processing were the reasons why. Notice the music is pitched up at least 3%, as was common for Top 40/CHR stations at the time. You really hear it when Jennifer Warnes starts singing!

There were no fewer than FIVE stations on 550 at night in my location: Bismarck, Cincinnati, St. Louis, San Antonio, and Wausau. Even so, I was able to separate WKRC out pretty well by using a combination of horizontal longwires which I had strung all across my back yard. My parents hated this, but it worked quite nicely for airchecking distant AM stations on crowded frequencies!

Reception was made from Apple Valley, Minnesota on a Pioneer SX-3900 receiver. Recording was accomplished with a Technics stereo cassette deck and a TDK D90 tape.


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