WINK-FM 96.9 Fort Myers FL Ginny Harmor 1991

I believe the jock on this aircheck is Ginny Harmor (?)  Since I was based in Ocala, I wasn’t really familiar with the Fort Myers market.  I grabbed this one morning when the atmospherics were enhanced, allowing reception at my location.  She says her name very quickly at the beginning.  Sounds to me like either Ginny or possibly Jenny Harmor.  If you know for sure, please tell me.

This was captured from 6 miles south of Ocala using a Realistic AM/FM/CD/Cassette portable stereo and medium-sized outdoor TV antenna.  I clipped the VHF-LO elements for resonance on FM frequencies.  WINK-FM was normally not available in my area.  But when “tropospheric ducting gods” shine on Florida (which happens frequency), it could be heard fairly well.


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    I m good on hearing Bubba and Grady talk about METH in Polk county and Metallica is just too much for me in the morning. BIG BIG Shame to hear Elvis Duran isn t gonna be on in the morning, and Soooooo very sad to hear Wink has become MoreFM .

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