WHB-AM 710 Kansas City MO Bobby Day 1972

Bobby Day was the 6-10PM jock on WHB “Radio SEVENTY-ONEderful” during the early 1970s.  Unfortunately, this  is a short clip.  The audio quality is only fair.  I was 8 years old at the time and received the broadcast from Minnesota, approximately 420 miles from Kansas City. 

This recording was made using a Spartan/Atlantic “shoebox” cassette recorder.  I placed the pencil microphone directly next to the speaker of my very cheap Midland AM clock radio.  An Audio Magnetics 60 minute “bag cassette” tape completed my arsenal of highly sophisticated equipment.

All things considered, it’s amazing that I was able to grab this and that the tape is still playable after 42 years!


4 thoughts on “WHB-AM 710 Kansas City MO Bobby Day 1972

  1. Gregory Sarensen

    Can you tell me anything about the song “Graduation Goodbye” that was always played on WHB near high school graduation time in May in the late 60’s and early 70’s? I have searched and searched about it online, to no avail. Was it a local group?

    “Yours truly…”
    Gregory Sarensen
    Basehor, KS

  2. Mike Hassenplug

    The song you’re asking about is by a local KC group called the Classmen, who were locally popular, but never made it to the big time. The closest they ever came was a 1969 or 1970 record called, “Linda Was a Lady”. I’m sure eventually they all had to get real jobs like the rest of us. I grew up in the KC area (Shawnee) and remember the music scene well. Hopes this helps/

  3. steve mcglasson

    The Classmen did indeed record Graduation Goodbye, I have the 45, it was recorded at a studio on Truman Road. They did not however, record “Linda Was a Lady”. That was a group called Kansas City. Different guys. But the Classmen’s other local hit was called “Julie.” from 1967. Hope this helps.

  4. Mike Thomure

    Hey Steve..any way that I can get a MP3 of Graduation goodbye? My brother and I have been looking for years!!

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