WFLZ-FM 93.3 Tampa FL Hawk Harrison Marty McFly 1991

WFLZ. Power 93. THE POWER PIG!  The station that brought down Tampa’s heritage CHR Q105 (WRBQ) in just 3 months! In late 1989, shortly after they went on-the-air, I received a poor quality, multi-generation dubbed cassette of The Power Pig. Immediately, I wanted to work there. So did thousands of other young, aspiring CHR jocks. Most of whom were better on-the-air than I was. Which explains why I only got as close as Ocala. Fortunately, Ocala was close enough to at least hear WFLZ. If I couldn’t work for ’em, I could at least listen and aircheck ’em!

In late 1991, nights on Power 93 were handled by Hawk Harrison and Marty McFly. Their brand of irreverent humor was perfect for nights on the Pig. This aircheck runs about 9 minutes, so I have broken it into 2 parts. All the sweepers and imaging are included. The “Fishing License” bit is a variation on “Hunting License”, which I heard the Greaseman do several years earlier on Jacksonville’s WAPE-AM. In short, this is the Power Pig at the peak of it’s popularity.

As mentioned, this aircheck was recorded from Ocala. I used a Realistic AM/FM/CD/cassette portable stereo unit with a modified outdoor TV antenna. “Modified” as in climbing up onto my rented mobile home and cutting the long (VHF-LO) elements down to resonance for FM frequencies. Then, pointing it at Tampa instead of Orlando. It worked great, as you will hear.



2 thoughts on “WFLZ-FM 93.3 Tampa FL Hawk Harrison Marty McFly 1991

  1. Gerard

    Big fan of powerpig in early 1991 in cincinnati. Weird request though, would like to have a list of songs they played on the station back then, I could never find out what group played the songs I liked, any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Gerard

  2. Drew Post author

    Hi Gerard,

    As you probably know, the Cincinnati ‘Power Pig’ was similar to the Tampa original in name only. Whereas WFLZ was a CHR station, WRBZ’s format was Hard Rock. Jacor Communications (which later morphed into Clear Channel) owned both ‘Power Pigs’ and was based in Cincinnati. Unfortunately, I never had a chance to hear the Cincinnati version. Can anyone help with some more history and some playlists?

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