WAXX-FM 104.5 Eau Claire WI Ralph Emory 1982

WAXX (sometimes referred to as simply ‘WAX’) is one of those heritage Country stations that have been around forever.  With their antenna 1,801 feet in the air from the WEAU-TV 13 tower, the massive signal carries forever.  Before new stations and translators began encroaching, you could drive I-94 between the Twin Cities and Madison, keeping the radio on WAXX for the entire trip!

Ralph Emory was a nationally syndicated program.  His theme music will be instantly recognizable to anyone who listened to Country radio during the early 1980s.  You’ll hear it here, along with the local evening announcer.

This was received from Apple Valley, MN, using a Pioneer SX-3900 receiver, Winegard 10 element FM yagi antenna, Alliance U-100 Tenna Rotor, and Belden RG59 coaxial cable.  The recording was made using a Technics stereo cassette deck and Scotch Dynarange 90 tape.


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