Topeka Kansas Radio Dial Scan Aircheck 1983

Here’s a quick snapshot of Topeka radio from 26 years ago.  I was a very excited 19-year-old who had just left home in Minnesota for my first radio job in Burlington, Colorado.  After stopping for the night in Lawrence, I did what any true radio geek would do: I plugged in my boombox and let the tape roll!

Saturday night with KTPK, V-100, KMAJ, KZ93, and Topeka’s 97FM.  The recording was made using a Pioneer AM/FM/cassette stereo boombox and TDK D90 tape.


One thought on “Topeka Kansas Radio Dial Scan Aircheck 1983

  1. Kevin

    You must have had a better radio than I did. I didn’t
    remember KZ93 having much of a signal at all in Lawrence. That was KZOC Osage City on 92.9. Today
    it’s paired with KLZR and has recently flipped back to
    country after being rock for awhile. It has a better signal than it used too and is now KMXN. I’m glad you taped that.

    I wish KLZR hadn’t been running Rockline that night. It would have been fun to hear them again from those days. That was during the time that they dropped the “Lazer” monicker. They brought it back by the late 80s. Although they called it “All Hits 106” it leaned a bit in the AOR direction. KLZR and 106.5 KCI had similar formats musically and battled it out to be 106.

    Topeka was a decent sounding market IMO. I seldom heard V100 until they built the bigger tower around 1988. Not long after that they went satellite much of the day. KMAJ had very good announcers, promotions, music and a very strong signal from the channel 49 tower. At least as good a signal as KTPK. WIBW 97FM is now on 94.5 and is country. 97.3 is in use in KC now.

    I wonder if you got any audio from 96X. They battled it out in Lawrence as a CHR in the early 80s competing with KLZR. They must have been on a short tower or not running much power because I could only hear them in KC once in awhile. It wasn’t until about 1987 that I could hear them in KC. But by that time they were KHUM 96HUM running the old instrumental easy listening format. Their format quickly became soft AC. The studio location and tower location moved around from Topeka back to Lawrence and is now 95.7 the Vibe in KC.

    Thanks for some great airchecks!

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