North Dakota Radio Dial Scan Aircheck #2 1983

One good dial scan deserves another!  Since the first one concentrated mainly on Bismarck, Fargo, and Grand Forks, #2 will focus on the smaller markets.  Grafton, Jamestown, Rugby, and Valley City are all featured here.  Plus, KYYZ-96.1’s sign off at midnight.  Williston was nearly 300 miles from my location, so this was a rare catch.  Some atmospheric enhancement that night.  Plus, 96.1/Crookston-Grand Forks was not yet on-the-air.

Speaking of Crookston-Grand Forks stations. you’ll also hear KYCK when it was just a few months old.  Plus, some jocks and jingles that you haven’t heard in years.  As with the other North Dakota airchecks posted here, this scan was made from my grandparents’ home in Michigan, ND.  A Pioneer AM/FM/Cassette stereo “boombox” and TDK-D90 tape were used to make the recording.


2 thoughts on “North Dakota Radio Dial Scan Aircheck #2 1983

  1. Wade Brandis

    When KYYZ signed off, was there a National Anthem, or did the signal fade out before one could come on? (I am listening to the file now 🙂 )

    There is one station in Nebraska that still signs off nightly. KVSH-AM 940 signs on at 6am and signs off at 10pm.

  2. Drew

    KYYZ did a very lengthy sign off. I edited it for the dial scan aircheck, but I can send you the entire file if you would like. No anthem, though. Stan says “Mom, the check’s in the mail” and then drops the carrier. I was lucky to get this since it was before KQHT-96.1 signed on. Being about 300 miles from Williston and less than 70 miles from KQHT’s transmitter, there’s no way I would have been able to receive it in later years.

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