Las Vegas Nevada Radio Dial Scan Aircheck 1982

When I was 17, my parents decided to take a family vacation in Las Vegas.  At that time, there was little else to do besides drink and gamble in Sin City.  Which meant that if you weren’t at least 21, you had to stay behind in the hotel room.  Most kids hated this.  But I LOVED it because this meant I could spend all day recording radio stations with nobody around to bother me!

This short dial scan includes 4 of the big Las Vegas stations at the time.  KLUC-FM 98.5 was the undisputed CHR king.  KLAV AM-1230 *used* to be the champ before FM took hold.  As of 1982, they were still holding on, however.  KUDO-FM 93.1 was the big A/C in town.  And KOMP-FM 92.3 was the heritage Rock station.  KOMP’s “Big Marty” is heard here.  He was with KOMP for several years.

To make this recording, I used a Pioneer AM/FM/cassette “boombox.”  This worked very well, even inside the steel and concrete Circus Circus complex.  The original source tape was a TDK D90.  However, this is a second generation dub, transferred to digital off of a TDK SA90 cassette.  Audio is still very good, however.  Even at 17, I was a stickler when it came to maintaining audio quality when copying tapes.


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