KYTN-FM 94.7 Grand Forks ND Scott Tracy 1983

Up until shortly before this aircheck was recorded, KYTN was a Beautiful Music station. The call letters stood for “Kitten.” I remember seeing an ad in the Grand Forks for “The Cuddly Kitten 95FM.” One day, they abruptly dropped the elevator music and became the flamethrowin’, hot hits Y95! MEOW, indeed! This put them into direct competition with KKXL “XL93” for the CHR crown in and around Grand Forks. 1983 was a great time for Contemporary Hit Radio in general since many smaller markets had 2 outlets, both live and local, fighting it out for sales and market share.

I recorded this from my grandparents’ house at Michigan, North Dakota. Equipment used was a Pioneer AM/FM/cassette portable stereo unit. Source tape is a TDK D90.


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