KYCK-FM 97.1 Grand Forks North Dakota 1983

In the summer of 1983, a new radio station became part of the Grand Forks market: KYCK-FM 97.1 became the area’s second FM country outlet. Licensed to Crookston, but with 100,000 watts from a tower NW of town, they were very much a Grand Forks station. The “Kicker” became popular very quickly, much to the dismay of KRRK AM/FM, the other country station in town.

This clip is short, but it’s all I have. It was recorded from my grandparents’ house in Michigan, North Dakota. I used a Pioneer AM/FM/cassette stereo unit with built-in telescoping antenna. Source tape is a TDK D90.


6 thoughts on “KYCK-FM 97.1 Grand Forks North Dakota 1983

  1. Dave Thompson

    I remember when the station signed on-air as KDWZ back in 1980 or 81. I was working for KNOX at the time. It was A/C back in those days.

  2. Drew Post author

    Hi Dave,

    When did they flip to KYCK and Country? I never heard them as KDWZ, but I sure remember coming up there in the summer of ’83 and hearing the “new” Grand Forks FM.

  3. Jayson

    It was KDWZ…my parents started it. We moved there from north Iowa to start it. I remember playing in the various studios, and being the voice of a child in some commercials. I was very young, but I’m pretty sure we had it only a couple of years. I was in school in Iowa in ’82, so we had moved and sold it by then.

  4. Drew Post author

    Very cool. Thanks for sharing! I never got a chance to hear it when it was KDWZ. By the time I made it up there, it had just become “The Country Kicker”, KYCK.

    As you probably know, by the late 1980s, the KDWZ calls were on KIOA’s FM station (93.3) in Des Moines.

  5. smokin curt samson

    What a great radio station…Iwas lucky to get my 1st full time gig…philsonkenson..john r,,,Kelly green…and me smoking curt Samson..all was fun back then

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