KXIQ-FM 94.1 Bend Oregon Scott Gregory 1989

Scott Gregory came to work for us at Q94 when he was just 19 years old. I always expected him to stay in radio longer than he did. He was a quick learner, eager and full of energy. His production abilities were especially impressive. I lost touch with him after I left Central Oregon and have no idea where he is today.

Scott did middays from 10-3. On this particular day, I was using up my comp time and had the day off. You can hear Scott make reference to this, saying “The Maniac” (me) usually comes up next at 3. But today, it’s Kerry O’ Donnell instead. Kerry was our morning guy and can be heard on another aircheck exhibit which is included on this site.

This was recorded from Madras using a Realistic AM/FM/CD/cassette portable stereo unit and Memorex dBS90 tape.


2 thoughts on “KXIQ-FM 94.1 Bend Oregon Scott Gregory 1989

  1. Cindy

    Scott is a family man who went to work doing what his dad had done for years. Now he has a beautiful wife named Kelli and 4 beautiful daughters he raises still in Bend

  2. KGreggs

    Fact check: Three daughters.
    Scott still has his deep, radio voice, as well. People even recognize him by his voice. Just a few weeks ago, he went to a get-together with a friend from high school and, had he not had his deep voice, the other people, whom he hadn’t seen in years, wouldn’t have recognized him. Just goes to show that some people can’t just throw out their past.
    He currently resides in Bend with his wife, Kellie, and three daughters. I know this because, of course, I’m one of them. Finding this recording has been amazing because I can actually have an idea of how my dad was in the eighties, rather than just hearing about his days on the radio.

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