KWTO-AM 560 Springfield, Missouri – October, 1982

At the time this aircheck was recorded, KWTO-AM was the big station in SW Missouri.  Nobody else came close.  The format was Country and their jocks were top-notch.  Even people who didn’t particularly like country (such as your author who was only 18 at the time) would listen because of the quality presentation.  At my location in Apple Valley, Minnesota, 560Khz was dominated at night by KWTO and WIND/Chicago.  I could separate the stations pretty well by selecting from multiple horizontal longwire antennas.  You can hear another station mixing in the background (which I believe is WIND), but KWTO still does pretty well.

This was received using a Pioneer SX-3900 receiver.  It was recorded on a Technics stereo cassette deck with Scotch Dynarange tape.


2 thoughts on “KWTO-AM 560 Springfield, Missouri – October, 1982

  1. Doug

    Just noticed the KWTO (Keep Watching The Ozarks) calls. I worked on the FM side, KWTO-FM (“Rock 99,” which oddly enough was a Top 40 in spite of the “Rock” moniker) in the mid 90s. BJ Hunnicut was my roommate when I was working in Springfield. He was doing news on the AM side. I don’t believe he was a jock at that time. Would loved to have heard him here. I really wish I had some old airchecks. I may have something from my days at KAYI (Kay-107) in Tulsa from a guy who I REALLY admired. My PD there, Ed Hopkins. What pipes.

  2. Drew Post author

    Hi Doug,

    KWTO made it into Minnesota fairly well at night. Some interference from WIND/Chicago and KLZ/Denver, but I could usually work around it with my system.


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