KWSI-FM 96.5 Warm Springs OR Nat Shaw Jim Malloy 1989

“From Kahneeta Vacation Resort”, KWSI played a mix of Adult Contemporary and Oldies for Central Oregon.  Along with non-commercial KWSO, this station was owned by the Confederated Tribes of Oregon.  With 100,000 watts from high atop Eagle Butte, the signal could be heard from the eastern suburbs of Portland to south of Bend.  According to what I was told when I lived in the area, KWSI stands for Kahneeta Warm Springs Indians.  Sadly, this powerful facility has since been silenced in order to shoehorn yet another small FM station into the Portland metropolitan area.  Such is the state of radio in 2017.

Nat Shaw was KWSI’s General Manager.  Jim Malloy was their Chief Engineer.  Both have great voices and both can be heard here.  Nat voiced the Legal ID which aired each hour.  But since this was sign off hour (midnight), the Legal ID is followed by Jim Malloy’s announcement regarding microwave links and other legally required information.  At the conclusion of this, you will hear the transmitter turned off, resulting in static.

This aircheck was recorded from Madras, Oregon using a Realistic AM/FM/CD/cassette portable stereo with built-in telescoping antenna and Memorex dBS 90 tape.


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