KWSI-FM 96.5 Warm Springs OR Duran Bobb 1989

As I mentioned on a previous page, KWSI was a very unique operation. The station was owned by the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs. They also owned KWSO-FM 91.9, a non-commerical station which broadcast Native American news, views, and music to the immediate area. KWSI was a full Class C FM with 100,000 watts from high atop Eagle Butte. As such, it covered all of Central Oregon and enjoyed a competitive presence in the market.

Duran Bobb was the afternoon personality on Central Oregon’s KWSI. On this recorded show into, you will also hear Sue Matters. Sue was the station’s Program Director and also hosted mornings. The thing that impressed me most about KWSI was their audio quality. Gorgeous! Far superior to any other station in the market, including KXIQ where I worked. Kudos to Jim Malloy, KWSI/KWSO’s engineer. (You can hear Jim on two of my other aircheck exhibits, also included on this site.)

Reception and recording was performed from Madras using a Realistic AM/FM/CD/cassette portable stereo unit with Memorex dBS 90 tape.


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