KWKR-FM 99.9 Garden City KS Dennis Joyce 1985

Dennis Joyce was one of our parttimers at KIUL/KWKR. He filled in as needed, along with holding down a regular 9AM-1PM shift on Saturdays. Dennis had a lot of energy and was an entertaining, although slightly off-the-wall air personality!

I’ve purposely included most of the commercials so that we can hear some other folks who were important members of our crew:

K-Bob’s Family Steak House: Brian Purdy. Brian was our Sales Manager for both stations. Previously, he had been our Sports Director as well.

Anthony’s: Jay Delling. Jay was KWKR Sports Director. He also did sales for both stations.

Robinson Discount Furniture: Tony Jewell and Leslie Stullken. Tony was a 40-year broadcasting veteran of KIUL. During his tenure, he served as President, General Manager and Chairman of the Board for these stations. Leslie did sales for both KIUL and KWKR.

Gibson’s: Clayton “Catfish” Hunter. “Fish” hosted afternoons on KIUL.

Mr. Burger: This was a dub from an out-of-market station. I believe it came from Salina but I’m not sure which station it originated at.

Appliance and Furniture Mart: Amy Lueth Turner, evening hostess at KKJQ-FM 97.3 (Q97FM) across town.

Player’s Choice: Dave Boller. Dave was a parttimer during the summer of 1985. Later, he became the evening host on KIUL.

Western Hardware: Rick Nulton and Clayton “Catfish” Hunter. Rick was Operations Manager of KWKR. He also hosted mornings from our Leoti studio. (KWKR had two studios back then: the Leoti studio was technically our “main” studio and was required in order to meet licensing requirements.)

We were blessed with an extremely talented staff. This was something I didn’t realize and appreciate until several years later. Because of this, both KIUL and KWKR sounded much “bigger” than they actually were.

This recording was made from my Garden City residence. I used a Pioneer SX-3900 receiver, wire dipole antenna, and a Technics stereo cassette deck. Because this was recorded on a home stereo system, you can hear the new “KWiKR 99” sweepers and other elements in full stereo. The KWKR aircheck skimmer was a monoaural unit, so stereo off-air recordings are somewhat rare. Source tape is a Certron LN60 cassette.


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