KRRK-AM 1590 East Grand Forks MN Curt Samson 1983

Kay-Double-R-Kay was “the home of the Forks’ favorite country.” It was an AM/FM simulcast, the AM station having 1,000 watts on 1590. KRRK-FM is featured in a separate exhibit. The FM station was only 3,000 watts at the time and had a very limited coverage area.

The first jock identifies himself as Curt Samson. Not sure who the second one is. If you know, please tell us. This was recorded from my grandparents’ house in Michigan, ND, using a Pioneer AM/FM/cassette stereo unit. Source tape is a TDK D90.


One thought on “KRRK-AM 1590 East Grand Forks MN Curt Samson 1983

  1. Todd Freeman

    I was hired by Jack Lundy (Program Director) of KRRK in 1980 to be a weekend DJ. The tag line back then was “KRRK Because you really love your country”! I am saddened to hear that KRRK no longer broadcasts in the area. It was a fun station and had a lot of loyal listeners back in the day.

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