KQRS-FM 92.5 Minneapolis MN Hal Hoover 1980

Hal Hoover was one of the finest album rock jocks to ever grace the Twin Cities airwaves.  He had an unmistakable voice and that smooth laid back “AOR style” delivery that fit the format perfectly.  And yes, he definitely knew his music!

As you will hear, life was much less expensive in those days.  The new Dire Straits album was only $3.92 at Harpo’s.  Or, if you prefer Ronnie Montrose, see him in concert for only $2.92.  All drinks are just 92 cents!

There’s a bit of low end distortion on this aircheck.  I used  Sony tape which didn’t match up particularly well with my recorder.  Hal’s deep voice adds to the bass, of course.  This was about a year before I got my Pioneer/Winegard/Technics system, so my equipment wasn’t nearly as sophisticated as it later became.  The signal was received on a Panasonic AM/FM/Phono/Cassette system with an Archer V-185 TV/FM antenna and rotor on the roof.  A Sony LN60 cassette was used to make the recording.

“Groovin’ with the Hoov on KQ92” takes me back to my junior year at Apple Valley High School.  Cruisin’ around with the tunes cranked up, a pack of Marlboro Reds on the dash, and maybe a bottle of TJ Swann “Easy Nights” if I could find someone who was 19 to buy it for me 🙂


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