KQAA-FM 94.9 Aberdeen SD Les Cummings 1982-83

Les Cummings is the Dean of Aberdeen Radio!  How long has Les been on the local airwaves, anyway?  I first discovered him at the age of 18 as I scanned the dial in search of new stations.  My current age is 50, so that means Les has been behind the microphone for quite awhile!

This is actually two airchecks, recorded approximately 3 months apart from each other.  The first is from November, 1982 and the second dates back to February, 1983.  I used Scotch Dynarange tape (normal bias) for #1 and TDK SA90 (chrome bias) tape for #2.  Listen closely and you can hear the difference in audio quality.  The Dynarange was actually “eaten” by a tape player at some point.  This explains the audio dropouts near the end of the first recording.

I received this from Apple Valley, MN, using a Pioneer SX-3900 receiver, Winegard 10 element FM yagi antenna, Alliance rotor, and Belden ultra low loss RG59 coaxial cable.  Despite being about 300 miles from Aberdeen, I was able to hear KQ95 on a regular basis.  Long distance FM reception was much easier before all the “drop-in” stations and translators popped up on every supposively “open” frequency.  A Technics stereo cassette deck was used to make the recording.


3 thoughts on “KQAA-FM 94.9 Aberdeen SD Les Cummings 1982-83

  1. Brian Nelson

    Les has been around a long time. He was the Class A FCC licensee for the Northern State College FM in the 1970’s, when I worked there as a DJ. He was already a famous DJ at KSDN AM, and I used to take my German Shepherd out to the studio and visit with him while the records were spinning. Great guy……..

  2. Drew Post author

    It’s funny because I had no idea who he was when I snagged that aircheck. I was doing a dial scan with my Winegard beam pointed west. Before the FM dial became junked up with other stations, it was easy to hear KQAA from 200+ miles away with my setup. Many years later, I learned who Les was to Aberdeen Radio.

  3. Dan sorenson

    When i was student at northern worked part time at KQ95/KKAA. For about 3 years. Before landing there did sunday morning at AM only KGIM. Aberdeen great radio market.

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