KPOK-AM 1330 Portland Oregon Jingles 1971

Back in the early days of Radio Geek Heaven, I received an e-mail from Joel Miller in Portland. He had become a recent fan of this site and wanted to know if I had any suggestions on where he might be able to share some classic radio jingles from the early 1970s. I told him to send them to me and I would present them here.

Joel provided 10 vintage KEX jingles which are featured on another exhibit. He also gave us 6 long-lost KPOK jingles as well as some background and history of the station during that time:

“These cuts are from KPOK 1330 AM in Portland, Oregon from the summer of 1971. At that time, I was the call screener for Dick Klinger’s “Niteline” talk show.

KPOK began in 1925 as KTBR, then changed to KALE in 1932. In 1948, with ownership going to now-defunct Portland daily newspaper the “Oregon Journal,” the call sign became KPOJ.

In 1970 the call sign changed to KPOK and then to KUPL in 1976.

Today, 5kW 1330 AM broadcasts religious programming as KKPZ (K-Praise) and is owned by Crawford Broadcasting Co.

(KPOJ now is Clear Channel’s progressive 620 AM in Portland, and KPOK is 1340 AM in Bowman, North Dakota.)”

Thanks, Joel for sharing these rare Portland radio artifacts with the rest of us Radio Geeks!

KPOK_Fridays_1971          KPOK_Love_In_Your_Ear_1971

KPOK_News_Open_1971          KPOK_One_Thirty_Three_1971

KPOK_Turned_On_1971          KPOK_Yesterday_1971

4 thoughts on “KPOK-AM 1330 Portland Oregon Jingles 1971

  1. loujosephs

    These are Chuck Blore jingles..the also were on WCAR in Detroit and CBS FM in NYC.

  2. Joe Ferguson

    Probably so, I believe kpok was being consulted by Ken Draper who was partners with Chuck Blore in a company called Programming DB.

  3. William Anderson

    There was a much longer jingle that lasted well over a minute that was played at sign off time. Midnight or 1am on KPOK. I used to have my radio on all night and would wake up to it being played. Would love to hear that too.

  4. Drew Post author

    Anyone have this? We’d love to hear it!

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