KKXL-FM 92.9 Grand Forks ND Rees Kirk 1983

It was the summer of 1983. A full-fledged CHR war was being waged in Grand Forks. No, not between XL93 and Magic 96. That came later. This was XL93 vs Y95 (KYTN.) Both stations were completely live and local. This was back in the days where many markets under 50,000 had at least one and often two Contemporary Hit Radio stations, battling it out for audience and revenue share.

This was recorded from my grandparents’ house at Michigan, North Dakota (51 miles west of Grand Forks on Highway 2.) Equipment used was a Pioneer AM/FM/cassette stereo portable unit, connected to a “fringe” area TV antenna. Source tape was a TDK D90.


2 thoughts on “KKXL-FM 92.9 Grand Forks ND Rees Kirk 1983

  1. Don Nordin

    The jock is Rees Kirk…did weekends.

  2. Drew Post author

    Thanks, Don!

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