KKEZ-FM 94.5 Fort Dodge Iowa Ken Calvin 1989

Ken Calvin succeeded Mike Cushman in afternoons after Mike ascended to the mornings/PD position at KKEZ.  Later, when Mike left the station, Ken replaced him in this capacity also.  Such was the usual path of advancement at Z94 during this era.  Here, Ken cranks it up and has a good time in the afternoon.  The upcoming jet ski races are promoted, along with a special challenge match against “some hoo-haw from another radio station!”  I can’t remember for certain, but I believe the hoo-haw in question was Dave Haldin from Super 97 KRIT across town.

A friend in Iowa Falls recorded this aircheck, so the audio quality isn’t fabulous.  No idea what she used for equipment.  All I know is that I was very happy when the Sony HF60 source cassette arrived in my mailbox.


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