KKEZ-FM 94.5 Fort Dodge Iowa Jerry Sheeder 1989

Jerry Sheeder is the heritage of KKEZ and sister station KWMT.  He has been the voice of authority in Fort Dodge news for 30 years.  Prior to this, he worked for legendary stations WRC/Washington, DC and WTAE/Pittsburgh where he was known as Jerry Shane.  His newscasts were performed live with no edits or electronic gimmicks.  Yes, that’s his real voice.  Hell of a set of pipes, isn’t it?

Since I was no longer in the area, I had a friend in Iowa Falls record this aircheck for me.  The source tape was a Sony HF90 cassette.  Other recording equipment is unknown.

Sadly, Jerry Sheeder died on September 6, 2013. R.I.P, friend. You were truly one of the best to ever grace the Iowa airwaves.


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