KJLS-FM 103.3 Hays Kansas Drew Durigan 1998-99

I wasn’t going to post these. This site is dedicated to vintage and classic airchecks from around the nation. It’s not about me. But since I’ve mentioned in previous articles that I worked behind the mic from 1983-99, people have been e-mailing and wanting to know what I sounded like. Okay, here’s some examples…

These shows aired during my final few months in radio. I did middays on “Mix 103FM” in Hays, Kansas. Despite being a small, unrated market, I had a great time on the air there. Lots of freedom, they paid me well, and I got to play in a brand new, top notch facility. We were one of the first stations in the world to be 100% digital from the German Klotz board to the Harris TD-25 transmitter. The combination of flat land, few stations on the dial, and 100,000 watts from a 1,000 foot tower meant we could be heard reliably for close to 100 miles in all directions. Not a bad place for my last gig!

The highlight of my show was the 12-1PM hour. Monday through Thursday, I hosted “The Brown Bag Special.” Each day, listeners would choose a theme via the phones and e-mail. I would then play Top 40 hits of the 1970s and 80s which fit the theme. Fridays were reserved for “Class Reunion Friday” where a class between 1970 and 1989 would be chosen. The biggest hits of that year would then be aired, along with shoutouts to listeners and commentary on the various songs and artists. Live, local, interactive personality radio. The kind of radio I grew up listening to. The kind of radio that rarely exists anymore in markets the size of Hays. Or in markets of any size, for that matter.

Reception was made directly off the studio air monitor. The recordings were made using an Onkyo stereo cassette deck and Maxell UDXL 90 chrome tape. Needless to say, this plus the 100% digital chain means the audio quality is excellent.

I had a great time on the radio. I miss it. Can you tell? 

Class Reunion Friday Composite – January-May, 1999:

Class Reunion Friday 1988 – March 12, 1999: KJLS_FM_Drew_Durigan_CRF_1988_Mar_12_1999

Jean is Old Brown Bag Special (Tribute to a Friend’s 40th Birthday) – Monday, November 16, 1998: KJLS_FM_Drew_Durigan_BBS_Jean_Is_Old_Mon_Nov_16_1998

Mucho Dinero Brown Bag Special – Tuesday, November 17, 1998: KJLS_FM_Drew_Durigan_BBS_Mucho_Dinero_Tues_Nov_17_1998

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow Brown Bag Special – Tuesday, February 16, 1999: KJLS_FM_Drew_Durigan_BBS_Hair_Today_Tues_Feb_16_1999

Michael Jackson Brown Bag Special Compilation – 1998-99: KJLS_FM_Drew_Durigan_BBS_Michael_Jackson_Composite_1999

2 thoughts on “KJLS-FM 103.3 Hays Kansas Drew Durigan 1998-99

  1. Tom Clay

    Well now, it is interesting to see the “Brown Bag Special” on KJLS…I created that lunchtime feature at KHOK in 1983 or 1984 hosted by our Mid day guy Uncle Ted Burr. Glad to see that the idea didnt die when the eagle beagles killed the best rock station in western KS, “Rock 101”

  2. Drew Post author

    Hi Tom!

    We chatted via e-mail about 12 years ago when I was at KJLS, remember? You told me the story about how you’d write a theme on the “board” and that would become the subject for the day’s “Brown Bag Special.” (I’m a true radio geek. I remember this stuff!) I’m not sure when KJLS took it over. I arrived there on October 6, 1997 and they were doing the “Brown Bag Special” during the noon hour. It was kind of lame, so I brought in my CD collection and expanded on the concept a bit. I also modified the music to all 1970s/80s Top 40 hits and created “Class Reunion Friday” where we’d pick a year (1970-89) and play back the memorable tunes for that particular class. With our new Harris TD-25 digital transmitter and 100kW ERP from 1,000 feet, we covered a lot of ground. I had a great time!

    I also remember Rock 101. One of my first radio jobs as a “baby DJ” was with KWKR/99.9 in Leoti/Garden City. I had a Pioneer SX-3900 receiver and a 10 element Winegard FM yagi on the roof of my rental house in Garden City. So, I could hear KHOK very well. Even when they were just 3,000 watts in Hoisington. Damn good station. Others I remember listening to (when I wasn’t on-the-air) were Jack Crees on KJLS, Wichita’s KEYN, and 99KG/Salina after we signed off at 1AM. KQLS/Colby also sounded much larger than it was.

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