KICE-FM 100.7 Bend Oregon Rick Evans 1989

KICE “FM 100” was the home of the Radio Rangers in Central Oregon. Format was country, mixed with some Top 40 Oldies from the 1950s and early 60s. This station had one of the most beautiful bumper stickers that I’ve ever seen. It featured a backdrop of lush green forests, along with the slogan “I’d Rather Be in Central Oregon with FM-100 KICE.” These were extremely popular, both for current residents and those who had moved away from the area but wished they still lived there.

Rick Evans hosted mornings. I believe the other voice on this tape belongs to R.L. Garrigus, but I’m not 100% certain. Can anyone confirm this? In addition to doing mornings on KICE, Rick performed “The Biff Harley Show” at various Bend nightspots. When I first arrived in town for my interview, I walked into a downtown bar with my boss-to-be, just as Rick/Biff was performing his schtick. I’d never seen anything like it before!

Also heard is an in-house spot for The Citizen newspaper and one of Rick’s “Oldies” spots for Robberson Ford, “…on BEND’S north END!”


4 thoughts on “KICE-FM 100.7 Bend Oregon Rick Evans 1989

  1. Nat Shaw

    Yes, the second voice is R.L. He is the news director at KSJJ in Redmond/Bend.

    Enjoyed listening to many airchecks! Nice memories. I first worked in the Central Oregon market in 1967.

  2. Drew Post author

    Hi Nat,

    Great to hear from you! I was doing afternoons on KXIQ when you were managing KWSI. Steve Moan was my roommate in Bend. Small world! I always admired your voice and production ability. You have a great set of pipes! I have posted your KWSI Legal ID on here also.

    KWSI’s audio quality and processing was the best in Central Oregon. We had a “muddy” sound, caused by the ancient automation equipment we were using. Even when we were live, everything ran through an old reel-to-reel and Carousel system. You guys were always bright, loud, and clean. Jim Malloy did a great job engineering the place. Fun times in a great little market, back when it had less than half as many stations as it does now!

  3. Linda Evans

    The “Radio Rangers” RL, Rick, Rowdy Roy, Ranger Pate, Gallapin Gale, Mark Robbins, John, Leah Acres, Dave Stalker.. at various times…and probably others I have left out…sorry

    oh yeah, me, ‘Lightn Lady Linda’ !!

  4. Drew Post author

    Linda, when did you work at KICE? I did afternoons on KXIQ (Q94) in 1988-89, then afternoons on KSJJ (103 Country) in 1990-91. Back when KSJJ was still broadcasting from a house on a residential street in Redmond!

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