KFYR-AM 550 Bismarck North Dakota Composite 1983

Since posting the “North Dakota Dial Scan”, I have received many e-mails, asking me if I have additional tape of KFYR from this era.  So, here’s 2 minutes of the mighty 55 K-FIRE exclusively!

Unfortunately, I do not have all the dayparts.  But I do have middays, afternoons, and Saturday night.  Also, a rare personalized North Dakota tourism promo, voiced by Governor Alan Olson.  Notice how they dayparted in order to best fit the available audience.  In middays, the Beatles, news, weather, grain reports, etc.  Afternoons ramped up the energy.  Nights were smokin’, even on the weekends.  KFYR was considered by most to be *the* premiere radio station in North Dakota and with good reason.  Theirs was the only signal to cover the entire state (along with parts of 4 others and 2 Canadian provinces!)  They had a chemistry that nobody could match.  This station sounded much larger than Bismarck. 

Listen to this aircheck and you’ll quickly understand why this was North Dakota’s most listened to radio station back in the day…


One thought on “KFYR-AM 550 Bismarck North Dakota Composite 1983

  1. keith

    Any idea where they got their jingles from? The sonovox makes me think PAMS/JAM, but not sure what package (or maybe custom?).

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