KFMC-FM 106.5 Fairmont MN Dave Lee Bill Edwards 1988

KFMC was a force to be reckoned with in Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa.  Besides serving the immediate Fairmont area, their 100,000 watt signal covered Mankato pretty well.  Of course, Mankato had their own CHR war going on with KDOG vs Z99 (see my previous postings for further details.)

The KFMC jocks all did 6 hour live shifts.  I interviewed with program director Doug Munneke for afternoons just 3 months before this tape was made.  He told me my shift would be noon-6, Monday-Saturday.  That makes for a very long show!  Plus, you cover two dayparts.  I guess it beat the alternative, which would have likely been shorter shifts and a satellite service during the overnight hours.  Featured here are David (Dave) Lee Haugen and Bill Edwards.

This aircheck was recorded from my place in Apple Valley.  Using a Pioneer SX-3900 receiver and Winegard 10 element directional yagi, I was able to bring it in with just a bit of white noise.  Actually, the white noise was due to atmospherics on this particular night.  Due to the unusual heat and humidity, the band was enhanced.  There was likely another 106.5 station even further out which was causing slight interference.  Normally, KFMC came in crystal clear with my setup.  The tape was recorded on a Sears stereo cassette deck with BASF normal bias tape.


7 thoughts on “KFMC-FM 106.5 Fairmont MN Dave Lee Bill Edwards 1988

  1. Dave

    Hello Drew, It’s ironic I just came across your site and aircheck from my place in Apple Valley. The same city you recorded this aircheck many years ago. I worked part time at this station as a teenager with Dreams of making it to KDWB one day which I accomplished. Dave Lee is the first guy in the aircheck and Bill Edwards is the second guy. I have many airchecks from around the midwest myself including you in Fort Dodge. Great Work by the way. I worked there as well in 90 and 91. I’m sure I worked with some of the same people you did in Minnesota and Iowa. I really like your site.

  2. Drew

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the help with the names. I thought one was Bill Edwards, but wasn’t sure. KFMC had a great signal, despite their relatively short tower. I could usually get at least a scratchy signal on my car radio. Now, with the Elko translator on 106.5, that’s impossible, of course.

    You heard me in Fort Dodge? I’m sorry! LOL! Seriously, it was a great gig. I was VERY raw and undeveloped on-the-air. But I was given a ton of freedom and had a great time there. I was gone by 1990, but I’m thinking Dave Haldin, Phil Jaye, Lindy Kaye, Mike Tam, Ken Calvin, and of course the KWMT guys (Red, Dale, Johh, Joe) were still around by then (?)

  3. Dave

    I thought you were the best in Fort Dodge and I did catch you doing part-time in Mankato. Yes, the freedom you were given was what made radio very cool and entertaining to listen to. Of course this is from another former dj’s perspective. I did work with Phi Jaye at KRIT.

  4. Jon


    I wish I would’ve recorded more. I used to work at KFMC from 1988 to 1990 part time. I worked with Dave and he and I shared that KDWB dream, he made it I didn’t. I was fortunate enough to work at K102 in the mid 90’s so I did get some Major Market experience. A number of years ago I found an air check from KFMC and I cut it up, nobody needed to endure that again. Thanks for making this available it’s fun to listen to all of this old stuff again.

  5. Drew Post author

    Do you have anything else from KFMC? All I have are the 2 short clips posted here from 1982 and 1988.

  6. Jon

    I’ll look and see if I can find anything on tape.

  7. Krystal

    Can anyone tell me who the overnight Dj was in around 1995 at KFMC 106.5 Fairmont Mn? I can not remember who my gf & i used to always call & harass. We made him play a lot of When i See you Smile & Faithfully…haha. Trying to get back in touch w/ the gf i hung out w/ & can not find her & she was good friends w/ that DJ. Any info would be great!

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