KEX-AM 1190 Portland Oregon Jingles 1970

A few days ago, I received an e-mail from Joel Miller in Portland. He had become a recent fan of and wanted to know if I had any suggestions on where he might be able to share some classic radio jingles from 40 years ago. I told him to send them to me and I would present them here. Joel was kind enough to share 10 KEX jingles with us as well as some background and history of the station during that time:

“These cuts are from KEX 1190 AM in Portland, Oregon from the spring of 1970.

I was attending Portland Community College in the broadcasting program. As a public service, KEX donated an hour of time on Saturday nights at 11:00 for the “Portland Community College Hour.” I was one of a handful of students who rotated from week to week hosting the show in the same format as the KEX DJs did their shows. Wonderful experience!

At that time, 50kW clear channel KEX was owned by Gene Autry’s Golden West Broadcasters, Inc. Victor Ives was Program Director.

KEX went on the air in 1926. Today, “News Radio 1190 KEX” is owned by Clear Channel Communications.”

To the best of our knowledge, these are currently not available elsewhere. Thanks, Joel for sharing these with the rest of us Radio Geeks!

KEX_Call_Of_The_Northwest_1970          KEX_Easy_Sound_1970    

KEX_News_Open_1970          KEX_Fooling_Around_1970    

KEX_Got_Your_Number_1970          KEX_Eleven_Nine_O_1970 

KEX_Moog_ID_1970          KEX_Playing_Through_A_1970    

KEX_Playing_Through_B_1970           KEX_Swing_Waltz_1970

6 thoughts on “KEX-AM 1190 Portland Oregon Jingles 1970

  1. Joel Miller

    Thanks for posting these, Drew! Hope everyone enjoys them!

  2. Doug Barry

    Great! Someone finally found a copy of the classy, classic KEX jingles. The copy is a bit worn but you can tell these were very well-composed, performed and produced jingles — expensive, too. I worked for KEX in the mid-70s. By the time I got there, they had switched to a less-pricey package “KEX Sounds Like Portland” with different melody. Vic Ives, who was PD at the time, told me that the “Rose in Bloom” package was just too costly to re-license, even though KEX was one of the top two in the market. Thanks for posting these.

  3. Doug

    The “Rose in Bloom” jingle was created by an artist who licensed it to KEX. When it came time to renew the license, he demanded a significantly higher fee, confident that KEX would feel compelled to pay it to retain the signature sound that the public had associated with the station. The station thought otherwise, refused his price, and one of the most magnificant jingles ever to grace the air was gone.

    The only other wonderful jingle package that I recall coming close to “Rose in Bloom” was the “Sound of the City” that Golden West’s San Francisco station, KSFO, had. That jingle was so popular it became a record. The “Sound of the City” jingle was also adapted to KOGO-San Diego and elsewhere.

  4. Janice Erickson

    Thank you, thank you, thank you…I have been trying to find an audio version of ‘A Rose in Bloom’ for years. I moved away from Portland in 1979 and had this song in my head for the longest time. I moved back to Portland in 1988, I have emailed several media people, including KEX staff in my efforts to locate this song to no avail. Finally I can now go to my death bed and rest in peace now that I have heard this song again!

  5. Dick

    These are great – I have the cheaper jingle set “KEX sounds like Portland” but the rose in bloom set is a great addition – I also have been trying to find the “Sound of the City” jingle for KEX Portland for decades- Any one have it? or for KVI Seattle . . . I have a bad copy of the KSFO sound of the city – the Seattle one that I remember started – the sound of the city, the sound that I hear in the city of Seattle . . . I’d sure enjoy hearing that again . Thanks for the memories

  6. Drew Post author

    Hi Dick,

    Glad you found these! If anyone has the KEX “Sound of the City” and/or KVI-AM 570 Seattle jingles, I’d be glad to post them here!

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