KDWB-FM 101.3 Minneapolis MN True Don Bleu 1978

True Don Bleu (or “T.D.B” as he referred to himself) is a legend in Twin Cities broadcasting.  He spent 10 years at KDWB, holding down afternoon drive from 1968-78.  When he left for Los Angeles, it created a void on the radio dial.  By 1978, KDWB was pretty much the only Top 40 game in town.  U-100 was long gone, WDGY had flipped to Country the previous year, and 15/KSTP was dying a slow death as listeners gradually migrated from AM to FM stereo. 

Sadly, KDWB was very rigid with jock formatics during that era.  The jocks were allowed to give the call letters, time, weather, song, artist, and very little else.  A personality jock like T.D.B. was obviously stifled under such tight content restrictions.  But, he makes it work by inserting little quips whenever he can.  You can hear examples on this aircheck from January, 1978.

Unfortunately, the audio quality of this is not as good as my other tapes.  The tape unit had broken in my handy, dandy AM/FM/phono/8-Track stereo.  Most likely, this was caused by repeatedly pulling the cartridge out halfway when recording so that the tape cleared the head but the capstan continued to run.  I’d do this so I could get a clean-sounding edit between songs, rather than capture the dreaded “pause noise” on the tape.  Hey, I was a professional audio geek even at age 13!  I didn’t graduate to a stereo cassette system until the following year.  So, this was recorded on a plain old Sears AM/FM/Cassette mono portable, using a Scotch Highlander 60-minute cassette, receiving the FM frequency  (KDWB was originally on AM only, from 1959-76.  The AM and FM were simulcast from September, 1976 to September, 1979.)

These days, Don Bleu (he has since dropped the “True”) is a legend in San Francisco radio.  After a few years at Los Angeles’ KHJ, he traveled up the coast to KYUU and then to KIOI.  In 2007, Don was inducted into the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame.  He has been doing mornings in San Francisco for the past 28 years.  But we knew him first as the guy who would open every show on KDWB with that famous line: “Hiiiiiiiiiii, Twin Cities….how are yewwwwwwww?”


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  1. RedAndNater.com

    Saw you got flamed on Red and Nater for the spelling…I’ve seen it spelled “TRUE” too

  2. Drew

    I’m going to have to check on this. I’ve always thought it was spelled “Treu”, so as to match with “Bleu.” I seem to remember seeing it spelled that way on KDWB/63 promotional literature back in the 1970s. But I’m not certain on this. Guess I could e-mail T.D.B. himself at KIOI and ask.

    If I’m wrong, does this mean I have to relabel all those cassettes I recorded off of KDWB? LOL!

  3. Virtual Private Servers

    KDWB FM struggled for years against upstart market leader WLOL, which featured a fresher music selection, more popular DJs, and a highly rated morning show. KDWB was viewed by many as stuffy, stale, boring and misguided, and it went through several unsuccessful morning shows with the exception of Buck and O’Connor.

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