KDWB-FM 101.3 Minneapolis MN Sewald Jewelers 1978

This commercial aired on KDWB during American Top 40 broadcasts on Sunday nights. It is voiced by Jim Sewald, owner of Sewald Jewelers. I decided to include it here since the Cedarvale Mall which housed Jim’s store has since been demolished.

Nothing fancy, really. Just your basic 30-second produced spot. But since you’re very unlikely to find this elsewhere, I thought I’d make it available.

Equipment used was a Sears AM/FM/cassette monaural portable unit with a Concertape C-60 cassette.


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  1. Virtual Private Server

    Avenue Candy Bar’s Uptight on h Avenue album, The Prison Bar in Burnsville, Lancer, Dayton’s Record Shop, Pepsi and Furniture Barn. An interesting aircheck with KDWB news director Bob Reed having to fill in for an ill overnight KDWB DJ, so he uses the name Chuck Roast.

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