KCNB-FM 105.7 Waterloo Iowa Tom Rothman 1982

While digging through Drew’s Basement Archives, I found this short aircheck of Tom Rothman from his days at KCNB in Waterloo.  Tom went on to spend many years at Minnesota News Network, of course.  Unfortunately, I didn’t record his newscast.  All I have is his outro as the automation cycles back into music.

KCNB was the automated sister station of KXEL/1540.  The station would later become Hot Hits KOKZ, engaging in one of Iowa’s legendary CHR wars against crosstown rival KFMW “FM108.”  This catch from Apple Valley, MN was made before 105.7 began transmitting an upgraded signal from the tall tower between Waterloo and Cedar Rapids.  At the time, I believe they were just using a set of side-mounted FM bays on one of the KXEL towers (?)  Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

Reception was made using my Pioneer SX-3900 receiver, Winegard 10 element FM yagi antenna, Alliance U-100 Tenna Rotor, and Belden ultra low loss RG59 coaxial cable.  The recording was made on a Technics stereo cassette deck and Scotch Highlander 90 tape.


2 thoughts on “KCNB-FM 105.7 Waterloo Iowa Tom Rothman 1982

  1. Tim Brown

    Sounds like the Drake-Chenault XT-40 time announce guy. Any idea who did the jingle?

  2. Drew

    Hi Tim,

    Not sure who did the jingles. Sounds “Jam” like, but I’m not sure.

    Are you still with KGRS?


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