KBMR-AM 1130 Bismarck North Dakota 1983

When someone mentions Bismarck/Mandan radio in the early 1980s, most people immediately think of the mighty KFYR.  But KBMR was a major player as well.  They were a country powerhouse, covering the North Dakota with 10,000 non-directional watts on 1130 AM.  The big drawback of KBMR was that they were a daytime only operation.  Even so, they were the #2 station in the market behind KFYR.

On Sunday mornings, KBMR ran a syndicated show called “Country Crossroads.”  You’ll hear the promo, followed by the KBMR Legal ID jingle into ABC News with John Grimes. 

I recorded this from my grandparents’ house in Michigan, ND, using a Pioneer AM/FM/cassette portable unit with built-in antenna.  The recording was made onto a TDK D90 tape.


2 thoughts on “KBMR-AM 1130 Bismarck North Dakota 1983

  1. Dave Golterman

    Thanks for sharing these airchecks. That sounds like Jay Price on KBMR. Do you have any other airchecks from KBMR/KQDY in the early to mid-80’s? I worked there back in that era and would love to hear any other airchecks you have.

  2. Drew Post author

    One of the CC/Bismarck guys thought it was Jay Price also. I was a big KFYR fan, so that’s mostly what I listened to when I was up in that area. Only 19 at the time, so I hadn’t yet developed an appreciation for country music! 🙂 The only other tape I have of KBMR/KQDY is a short overnight clip of the KQDY Legal ID. I’ve included that on the “North Dakota Radio Dial Scan #1” composite. The weather forecast is actually a bit longer on the original tape. But otherwise, that’s all I have.

    BOTH KFYR and KBMR had good, tight jocks in those days. Notice how tight both stations are getting into network news at :00?

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