When I was 7 years old, my parents gave me a tape recorder for Christmas.  Nothing fancy, just a Spartan/Atlantic grey “shoebox” unit with play, record, rewind, fast forward, and a pencil type microphone.  Oh, that’s right, it did have one *small* additional feature: a built-in AM radio!  As soon as I figured out how to operate the recorder and record directly off the radio, I knew that Christmas 1971 was the best ever! 

In the 3 decades to follow, I recorded and saved over 1,600 cassette and 8-track tapes of various stations and air personalities.  I worked in radio from 1983-99 and moved more times than I can count.  So, I have a very “diverse” collection of radio cities, states, and markets.  I have decided to open up Drew’s Basement Archives, transfer some of this stuff to digital, and share with the world by posting it here.

Unless otherwise specified, everything you hear on this site was personally recorded off the air by me.  I don’t believe in stealing material from other people.  Not only is it unethical, but it results in repetition.  Anything that is stolen or copied is something that has been heard before.  In the rare event that I present an aircheck which originated elsewhere, I will give full credit to the original source as well as a link to their site, if applicable.

To see all the available airchecks, simply mouse over “AIRCHECKS!” from the menu on top of the page.  The contents will appear and you can scroll down to access the specific airchecks.  Or, if you prefer, just scroll down the sidebar on the right.

Check back often.  I am constantly updating this site and adding new airchecks.  If you have a request for something in particular, let me know and I’ll try to find it for you.  Discussions are encouraged!  All I ask is that you keep it civil and on topic.  Flame wars and spam will be deleted immediately. 

Welcome to Radio Geek Heaven!  If you enjoy these vintage airchecks and want to hear more, please leave your comments below or e-mail me at

4 thoughts on “AIRCHECKS!

  1. Wade Brandis

    Do you still have that old “shoebox” tape recorder from long ago?

  2. Drew

    Hi Wade,

    I actually wore that tape recorder out in less than 3 years! Either the motor or the belt went bad. It kept running slower and slower until finally, the capstan wouldn’t turn at all. But I remember it like it was yesterday: 4 position lever switch for “REW”, “STOP”, “PLAY”, and “FF.” Push the rectangular orange button down to record. Small switch for “RADIO” or “TAPE.” 2 dials in front: left for AM radio tuning, right for volume. Jacks on the side for mic, remote, aux, and A/C power. It was a great unit for the money. Wish I could find a photo somewhere. I’ve looked online, but no luck so far.


  3. Brandon

    Drew…what a great website. Any chance you have some more air of old 770 KOB?I love the I’D from 82 you have, their sound brings back memories.

  4. Drew Post author

    Thanks, Brandon. Unfortunately, all I have is this short clip. KOB was a tough catch in Minnesota because of the required nighttime directional null towards WABC-AM 770 in New York City. Also, we had local WCAL/KUOM on that frequency. WCAL/KUOM was a daytimer, so there was a “window” of opportunity to hear KOB between sunset in Minneapolis and sunset in Albuquerque. During this time, WCAL/KUOM was off the air and KOB was still on their daytime (non-directional) antenna pattern. The angle between Albuquerque and New York was enough to null out WABC and hear KOB. This is how I was able to receive the aircheck heard here.

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