John Records Landecker National Radio Hall of Fame

This past Sunday, John Records Landecker was voted into the National Radio Hall of Fame. It was his first appearance on the ballot. FINALLY, my all-time #1 radio idol gets the recognition he deserves. Across 38 states, gazillions of kids listened to JRL every night and said “I want to be on the radio like… Read More »

Jimmy Reed of KDWB KRSI WDGY Passes Away at 80

Three days ago, James Arthur Rud passed away. Many of us knew him as “Jimmy Reed”, a Minneapolis/St. Paul DJ with a career spanning over 4 decades. I started listening to radio when I was 3 years old. This was back in 1967. I heard many DJs, but there were two whom I quickly learned… Read More »

UCF Tailgate Hamfest & Swap Meet

If you’re in the Orlando area this Saturday, don’t forget about the biannual hamfest and swap meet at the University of Central Florida. This event has been happening for as long as I can remember. The UCF Tailgate is a great opportunity to buy, sell, and trade electronics equipment of all types. Ham radios, old… Read More »

Radios Included in 2017 Florida Sales Tax Holiday

The Florida Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday will be held June 2-3-4, 2017. This newly-created tax free weekend gives you the chance to save money on a variety of hurricane and storm preparedness supplies. Of special interest to us RadioGeeks is the provision applying to radios and batteries. According to the Florida Department of Revenue,… Read More »

Are Memorial Day Radio Specials Still a Thing?

When I was a kid, holiday weekends meant special radio programs! Not syndicated shows, but genuine, live and locally-produced specials. In Minneapolis, KDWB had “The Memorial Day 500 Countdown.” Obviously, this was a play on the Indy 500 which also took place over Memorial Day Weekend. Starting at 3:00PM on Friday, KDWB would count down… Read More »

2017 Memorial Day Sales, Home Depot Ads, Etc.

Memorial Day sales! They’re everywhere! The Memorial Day ads are already blaring from your radio speakers. Who will spend the most money and run the most commercials? The Home Depot seems a likely candidate. Home Depot was radio’s top advertiser during the week including Memorial Day 2016. If you thought you were hearing a lot… Read More »

Remembering Columbia House Record & Tape Club

Okay, so this doesn’t directly involve radio. However, it is certainly a geeky, guilty childhood pleasure that many of us can relate to. Do you remember the joys of the Columbia House Record and Tape club? When I was a kid, buying a new record was always cause for excitement. There was just something about… Read More »

Sarah’s Transistor Radios Collection

UPDATE FEBRUARY, 2017 Apparently, Sarah’s Transistor Radios has been discontinued. Scroll down to the comments section for links to archived pages and ongoing discussion regarding this subject. was a fantastic resource. Hopefully, it will return soon. I just stumbled across this EXCELLENT site yesterday and wanted to share it with my fellow Radio Geeks:… Read More »

Happy National CB Radio Day aka “10-4 Day”

I’ll bet you didn’t know October 4th was a national holiday! It is, thanks to former President of the United States Jimmy Carter. On October 2, 1978, President Carter proclaimed this date to be forever known as “10-4 Day” by issuing the following statement: “This year marks the 20th anniversary of Citizens Band radio. CB… Read More »